Large image uploads by users

I am on a hosted plan with Discourse (Standard) and very happy so far. We have quite an enthusiastic user base that loves to upload pictures of their horses (it’s a horse forum after all). Problem - some of these pics are way too large (4 to 5 MB). I am afraid that at one point we are running out of space and even if this is some time away it would make sense from a user perspective to compress those images so they can be viewed easier.

Right now - whenever I stumble upon some very large pictures I download, optimize and change them in the post. That’s quite tedious and I am unsure if this actually results in the large images eventually getting deleted. As far as I understand this there is a grace period and if an image is not linked to after this period it finally gets deleted. Am I correct? So at least my efforts are not totally pointless and actually save storage space down the road.

What other options do I have at this point? I haven’t found any settings in my admin menu to limit the file size users can upload. So I could set it to 1 MB which should force them to optimize before uploading (or at least ask for help).

Or is there some kind of support option available that starts a script and batch optimizes all images in the background? Remember I am not self hosting so my options here may be limited.



For private support for your site, you can always contact us through the support email address that is given near the top of your site’s admin dashboard.

The default maximum upload size on our hosted sites is 4MB (4096 KB.) We can reduce the maximum upload size for your site at your request. Contact us through our support system if you would like us to do that.

Another option for sites that are approaching their storage limit is that we can run a background job to compress all images on the site.

That does sound tedious. The large images that you are replacing will eventually be deleted though.


Perfect - thanks :slight_smile:

All questions answered.


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