Larger profile pictures or avatars - is it possible?

In our discourse-based community we have a rule that everyone should use their real-life photo as an avatar. Naturally many users want to see larger pictures or photos of their fellow community members and often ask for this feature.

Is there a way to somehow allow users to upload larger avatars, which at the same time stay as they currently are sized in topics, but when clicked produce a larger picture in detailed info popup?

Or maybe there’s some setting (I didn’t found) which would allow to upload additional photos and link them to the user profile?

I know that there’s other kind of pictures one can set in the profile (like banner/flair etc), but that’s not the same as user’s photo.

I guess the last resort would be to find/write a plugin for this.

I’m not sure I understand the question. It’s already the case that clicking on a user’s avatar will show a bigger avatar in the user card. Here is a screenshot of what I see on desktop when I click on your avatar:


yes, I meant that this is not a really big one. When you look at photos you’d want an even bigger one. 800x1024 for example. For example from this user card I could click on my larger avatar to see a bigger one.