Last Date Modified Not Update in Sitemap

Last Date Modified Not Update in Sitemap. Below URL for example.
Last modified date is 14-12-2020 but in sitemap its shows 23-12-2019.

<time itemprop='dateModified' datetime='2020-12-14T21:13:21Z' class='post-time'>


Above URL available in sitemap 3.

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What last modified date are you referring to?

  • date of last post?
  • date of last edit to a post?

Can you please clarify.

date of last edit to a post.

I believe that might be by design at the moment, but I see your point – it is more correct to use the last edit time of the last post in the topic.

@eviltrout if this one is as easy as I suspect it might be, could you assign it?

Looks like it’s currently using our last_posted_at field from the Topic query. There is no last_edited_at field we can use here. It would have to check the posts to find out the most recent time a post was edited.

I feel like this is such a minor issue for crawlers that it’s not worth doing the extra computation.


We realized that bumped_at is the field we should be using here, not last_posted_at, so that change will go into the codebase tomorrow courtesy @eviltrout – thanks for pointing this out @PoojaPatel


I have a PR for this now:

To be clear, this only updates the field if the last post was edited in the topic. If another post is edited the result is the same.