Last visit red line not moving on meta

I’m not seeing the “last visit” line moving at all - using Chrome version 115.0.5790.114 on desktop (Mac).

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Is this still the case? Anyone else?

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it’s working as expected for me now in Safari iOS iPad, desktop and mobile.


I don’t think it’s working as expected for me. If Last Visit is literally the previous visit (and not for example yesterday.)

On the Meta home page, the Last Visit line is presently for me below the 16th post. If I scroll past it, back to the top, read a thread above and below, and then close the tab, then when I open a new Meta tab the Last Visit has not moved. Is this as intended?

(In normal use there would be a few hours between closing a tab and opening a new one.)

Just revisited and the red line is at 13h ago. Which isn’t right.

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Our definition of visit is here:

So we consider it a “previous visit” if there is more than 1 hour (SiteSetting.previous_visit_timeout_hours) elapsed since last visit.

This line will only move 1 time an hour max.

This feels a lot more like a support topic than an actual bug?


OK, I closed the tab, went away, came back 8 hours later, and the red line still sits where it was, now 17 hours in the past. It hasn’t moved.

Note that I close the tab - I do not log out. When I revisit, it is the same IP address and usually the same browser (it is in this case the same browser.)

Edit: a little over an hour later, the red line has moved up to 9 hours in the past.

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I stumbled again over this just today, and I second @Ed_S’s impression that the line seems to move less than once per hour here on meta. I visited once and posted a reply to the Embedded replies topic, then came back to check again for new posts after 5-10 minutes - so minimum the line should sit at the 1h mark, but not at 3h/4h.

Also, I visited a couple of times over the last 3 hours, but the line didn’t move.