Launcher behaves strangely with the new update


I updated one of my boards this morning, I strangely there are a few things that were not happening before:

fatal: unable to access '': SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate
error: Could not fetch origin

It´s running on a aws EC2 instance and it get´s updated regulary. After I got this error I ran update-ca, but it didn´t solve the problem

INFO – : > cd /var/www/discourse && [ ! -d ‘node_modules’ ] || su discourse -c ‘yarn install --production && yarn cache clean’
warning Resolution field “lodash@4.17.21” is incompatible with requested version “lodash@4.17.15”

Just an info, but can that fall on my feets in the future ?

remove regular file ‘cids/app_bootstrap.cid

I have to answer this at the end with an interactive “y”
Didn´t have to do that before.

I guess nothing of this is dramatic, but I just wanted to be sure.



What Linux distribution do you use?

The first problem can be caused by a git misconfiguration. Look at git’s http.sslBackend.

Is your rm aliased to rm -i? That is often the cause for the last annoyance.

None of these issues are fatal aside from the first issue which if I understand correctly, stops you from updating your Discourse instance. The other two are related to local configuration.


One of the most powerful features of discourse is the awesome support you get :slight_smile:

Many thanks and have a great day!


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