Layout and login issue Opera on Android

Hi Discourse team,

Some of our users have reported layout and login issues for Opera on Android. Is this something that we can fix on our side, or is this a known issue for Discourse?


“For quite a while, I haven’t been able to log in to the forum at all using Opera on Android. When I go to the forum from main site (being logged in on the main site), it shows the forum as I’m logged in for half a second, then refreshes and asks me to log in. Then I’m unable to log in.”

Thanks for your help!

The only supported browsers on mobile are those native to the OS, so in that case it’s chrome. AFAIK Opera Mobile is unsupported.

Visiting the site in safe-mode works even with Opera on android. The problem is related to your theme, the search modal should collapse to see only the :mag: icon and not all the search field unless the user is using the desktop_view

If you open your site on android with Firefox or Chrome and scroll it on the side you will see a lot of blank space that should not be there.