Did something change with mobile layout? Mine is now all messed up

Hi all - has anyone else noticed this issue? I think the mobile theme has been changed recently and the presentation on my site is all messed up. It appears the site logo is now stretched to fill the width of the screen, overlapping with the menu on the right hand side.

Below are three screenshots - one from how it used to look (a screenshot I took to illustrate another problem which probably hasn’t gone away yet either - I will check it once I get this fixed!) and the next two show how it looks now (notice the logo stretches across, and the rest of the display is all screwy ands impossible to use).

Let me know if you have any suggestions/ideas. I’d appreciate it.

#How it looked previously

#How it looks now

Did you select the Desktop view by any chances?

(this is the 2nd report we’ve had. starting to be concerned by can’t reproduce)

nope - did not select desktop view. just confirmed.

I also can’t reproduce (either with Firefox or Chrome on Android) unless I force desktop view.

@tobiaseigen what happens if you force mobile view (either from the menu, or by appending ?mobile_view=1 to the url)?


Whoa - appending ?mobile_view=1 fixed it. Why, I do not know… but thanks! :rocket:

What happens if you go to the menu and select Desktop View. Do you then get a Mobile View option after switching? If you don’t then it looks like Discourse thinks you’re using a desktop browser…

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interesting - I didn’t even know there was a mobile view / desktop view menu item on the :hamburger: menu on mobile. It does revert to the weird formatting when I select desktop view. So that is indeed the source of my woes. Glad to have this resolved so easily.

I tried using the chrome menu option to “request desktop site” in response to @zogstrip above.

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Today suddenly in my Discourse’s android app our meta.discourse opening like below


But still I can see the ‘desktop view’ menu inside hamburger like below

In android app we can’t force mobile_view in url


i see that too but it’s a different issue/change. has nothing to do with my issue which is now resolved.

Same problem happening in my chrome browser too.

Then moderator can split these posts as new bug topic.

Already covered in the Ember 2.4+ topic.


It’s been fixed now, sorry about that!

edit: I fixed the Ember regression - if other people are still seeing it revert that is a problem.