Layout of notifications is a bit off on DiscourseHub

iPad and Hub… the image should tell enough :wink:


Hi @Jagster
I have tested meta on discourse hub and it works properly for me. I have checked in Iphone 11 iOS 16.0.

Here’s the screenshot:

Also, If you find the issue in this screenshot, please do update the OP specifying more details.

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I can reproduce this issue on iPad mini 5 and iPad Pro 11, iOS 16.1


Yeah that seems it cause the ipad footer nav. There is also have this issue with sidebar and search.
I am thinking a lot, it would be better to move it to the bottom because many times when something change have issues with positioning. :thinking:

Well, the footer of the sidebar has acted strangely for longer time now. It shows when a page is loaded first time but the second time… it disappears. It hasn’t been any bigger issue because there is just changing for themes and desktop/mobile views.

For me, it looks like this on desktop view. On mobile view the menu and sidebar same like desktop view because now on desktop view under 1100px use the mobile version sidebar and search goes to /search.

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Thanks for the repros, we will have a look this week!


Except… it seems to work now.

The issue is still exist but the 1100px when the menus view switch to mobile, changed to 1000px. I believe every iPad is wider than 1000px on landscape but if you turn it to portrait the menus will switch to mobile version [1] and the issue will appear because this is only happens on the mobile version menus. I think this change is really cool and necessary I like it a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. except iPad Pro 12.9" which is 1024px wide on portrait view too ↩︎


Thank you for reporting this bug. It is fixed with this PR:


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