Leader cannot unhide flagged post


I noticed this today so I am unsure if it has been like this before.

Basically TL4 (Leader) on the post admin wrench has the option to unhide a flagged post however when a post is flagged and they press ‘Unhide’ it does not work.

Steps to repro

  1. Get another account to post something publicly or in a PM
  2. Let anyone flag the post (must be hidden)
  3. Ask a user with TL4 only to unhide the post

Expected result:

The flagged post will be restored

Actual result:

The TL4 user has the option to unhide post but it does not unhide the post when clicked

I have reproduced this on two Discourse forums on 2.8.0 beta 1

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I think this might be related to the existing bug we have at the moment where flag counts are showing for TL4 users, but should not be. @Roman_Rizzi are you working on that one?

I already fixed that one, but this seems unrelated. I’ll take a look tomorrow morning.

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It looks like this bug is quite old. According to our PostGuardian, only staff members can unhide posts but the client checks if the user is staff or TL4.

I made a PR to hide the button the TL4s:

I assumed this is what we want to do, but I can change the guardian if we prefer to let leaders unhide posts.