Leaderboard Plugin

Hi guys!

Is there a plugin apart from the one in the admin section where you can show a leaderboard on the landing page of the forum?

Appreciate your help!


What kind of stats are you looking to showcase?

The closest thing we have to a public leaderboard at the moment is the users page, you can sort by clicking the column headers.

There’s also a new Yearly Review plugin that is kind of an annual leaderboard feature: Discourse Yearly Review Plugin

If you’re comfortable with front-end development you can build your own with a bit of work…

Data is accessible to build a leaderboard, for example this is a JSON file with users ordered by the largest amount of likes received this week https://meta.discourse.org/directory_items.json?order=likes_received&period=weekly

This post is helpful for finding this type of data: How to reverse engineer the Discourse API


Could you kindly let me know as I’ve not been able to find the leaderboard in admin section.

Thank you.

PS: Is it the same as forum.amarantos.org/users

Yes, that is it. You found it. Same as linked in post directly above yours.


I really really like the idea of top users. This to me seems like a critical feature of gamification - allows you to show off your contribution! I would love to customize my homepage to show this.

PS I LOVE Discourse. The more you use this product the more you fall in love. I can’t wait for chat to come out.

With the path discourse is on, this is going to be complete revolution of how people think about not just forums but engaging online, and creating private spaces rather than the giant platforms (I know I’m off topic here :wink:


There is a theme component


We’re currently working on a new gamification module and v0.1 includes a leaderboard. It’s with the design team at the moment so won’t be far off release.


Is this something that will also be available for community competitions and challenges? I’m looking for a fun way to visually display the leaderboard for a competition I’m planning, but it isn’t related to user level

You can check out a version here on Meta, and there’s some more information about what it can currently do, and what’s on the roadmap, in the Discourse Gamification topic. :+1:


I really like the big images of the users for the top 3, looks really cool!


I believe the fabulous design work was done by the incredibly talented @chapoi :slightly_smiling_face::+1: