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:discourse2: Summary Top Contributors Sidebar adds a “Top Contributors” (leaderboard) sidebar to topic list pages. The sidebar will only be visible when the browser is 767px or wider (most tablets and monitors).
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The leaderboard information is fetched for a period of a year and is sorted by “likes received”. This can’t be changed as of now but it’s on my to-do list to allow customizing it via theme component settings.


This is super! Great way to keep track of the most valued members

I came across this. I wanted to bulk select topics but when I do this happens


Fun TC!

I thought this was about monetary contributors.

Perhaps a different term such as “top likers” or “top hearters” would be more descriptive?


In my case “Top Contributors” are people that post valuable contents so “likes” is a good metric for that

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Is it expected that the top contributors shows up inside categories?

Hi @meghna – this is very cool, great work! I know you mentioned your plan to expand it beyond Likes, which I definitely look forward to. Would also be cool for it to be able to exclude groups (i.e. mods and admins).


Thank you @meghna! Very cool and helpful component!

I added it to my Air Theme and the first user was missing from the list of top contributors. I think this should fix it:


Hi, really cool plugin, thanks a lot!

Is there any update regarding an option to change a period of time? It would be super cool to display results of the week