Let admin/mod edit a post without logging the changes

(Anton) #1

We used to fix errors and improve formatting for a big portion of what is getting posted in our forum.

However, we started to receive complains: people don’t like when their grammar is fixed. So we stopped fixing formatting and grammar issues for now and would like to change the tactics:

  1. Fix errors in messages not earlier than in 1 month after they are created.
  2. Do not leave any traces.

It would be good to have a tickbox shown to admins/mods “Don’t record this edit”. In our case, it only makes people angry and disappointed. Some of them are 55+ years old and they feel not so nice when a young person corrects their speech. Yet we believe a better formatting and grammar makes the forum a bit more good-looking and clean in the eyes of newcomers and people who care.

(Mittineague) #2

Did that bother you any :wink:

I make typos all the time. Many I catch during the ninja edit window, but I miss a good portion too.

I think topic Titles are more important to fix in terms of spelling errors. They have more visibility.

I guess it depends on how much the error affects understanding.

If I post “It’s to big a problem” does “to” need to be changed to “too” ?
If I post “I like it’s look” does “it’s” need to be changed to “its” ?

Different story if it might mean a search for a certain word would be missed. eg. “intsalled the plugin”

Get into fixing grammatical sentence structure and that’s a whole other can of worms.

(Dean Taylor) #3

Kind of related…

The most common question I get is:

It tells me you made a change, but what change did you make?
I can’t see it.

My response:

I just changed the category, put it in the right place.

Usual response:

Oh OK - [couldn’t see that / that wasn’t clear]