Let me see how many votes I have left after voting

I’ve implemented this plugin on the community forums I’ve just set up, and it’s proving to be one of the most attractive functions in the forum – thanks @joebuhlig! :smiley:

One of our members has just asked what I think is a really pertinent question, though: How do I see how many votes I have left? You can go to the “Votes” area of the profile to manually count up the posts you’ve voted on (taking into account closed topics), but I can’t seem to find anywhere that indicates how many votes you have available as a user. Ideally, I’d love to see this as an additional box on the “summary” area of the profile – perhaps something along the lines of “10 votes cast (8 left)”.


We will be adding

  • A window that shows you “only have N votes” left when you are close to your limit.
  • A window that shows you “the last N topics you voted on” once you reach the end, so you can easily remove votes if needed.
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This is now complete:

You can configure when the warning shows up with voting alert votes left, by default we alert you if you have 10 or less votes left after voting.