Topics that were voted on disappear from user profile after being closed

Do the voices in the user profile have to disappear when the topic is closed? They cannot be in the archive to check what the user voted for 1 week ago/1year ago etc ??

I believe this is by design:

The list in the user profile only shows active votes.

If you need to keep the votes active, but prevent any further replies, there’s a suggestion outlined here:

I could be wrong, but I don’t think there is a way to search for all of the topics you have voted on at this time, including the topics that have been closed.


Okay, but if I do, then I have to change the voting limits and in practice abolish them completely?

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I’m not sure how your voting categories are structured, but if you do have fairly strong limits and you relying on votes being released by closing the topics, then yes, you will most likely need to adjust the limits.

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Okay, that makes sense, but is it possible to block the voice somehow? I mean, so that the vote cannot be revoked?

I don’t think so, unfortunately. I’m pretty sure that’s only possible by closing the topic which you are trying to avoid.

It’s not a perfect workaround for your needs, but it was the best that I could dig up. Hopefully at some point more filtering functionality can be added to the plugin!


Okay, thank you. You did a good job anyway.

It’s a pity that i can’t see the archive of all the votes in the user profiles, because you can make a good analysis of it, etc.


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