Letsencrypt issued on every build?

I recently expanded storage on my DO droplet using this guide - Moving uploads and backups to DigitalOcean Block Storage

As a result, I broke my instance of Discourse so had to re-install using the guide found here - How To Install Discourse on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean

I did the steps needed to install Letsencrypt here - Setting up HTTPS support with Let's Encrypt

While having some issues getting an email to send, I had to edit the app.yml file and rebuild, it seems this has caused Letsencrypt to issue a new cert each time, should I have commented out the lines in app.yml after the first re-build or is there something else I’ve missed here?

My site is now completely inaccessible on mobile, Non secure server and shows the register screen on laptop but won’t allow me to go any further than this page https://vapingcommunity.co.uk/finish-installation/register giving the error - This site can’t be reached

My site is - https://vapingcommunity.co.uk

Thanks in advance

It is working on http isn’t it ? :thinking:

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Seems to be working when I force http or use the IP but then it quickly wants to go back to https and use the domain, the email is still not being sent.

I guess what I need to know is, if I am going to be rebuilding while trying to fix the email issue, should I not have Letsencrypt in the app.yml?

Indeed you might run into a let’s encrypt quota / rate limit soon (if not already)

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Looks like I have to wait a week, will it be ok to go ahead and get a backup uploaded on the new install over http?

I think so, with the little caveat of the force_https parameter (that you will probably have to set to false in the rails console)

ps. standard install, this is the way… :wink:


A “cheat” is to Setting up Let’s Encrypt with Multiple Domains and add some other subdomain (like an extra www).

The uploader might not work on http.


Well, I finally got my email to work! :tada:

Now the site is just borked…

I guess I’ll just wait and try again each day until it works

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