Connection Timeout/Security Issue

Hey guys.

Attempting to install Discourse on Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64. Nameservers and domain settings are good to go for both DigitalOcean and GoDaddy.

After installation, when I try to access the website, it gives me a connection timeout error OR an HTTPS security error. gives me something different.

Any idea what this could be? This has happened three times now - I have reinstalled it following Ubuntu 20.04 instructions, including all prerequisites. I feel like I am missing something very single.

Thank you!

You need to set that first record for www, not If you use a DNS tester you’ll see that there’s no DNS record for, but there is one for

If you’ve run a bunch of rebuilds, your next issue will be that you hit let’s encrypt’s rate limit and your key is invalid. You’ll need to wait a week or follow Setting up Let’s Encrypt with Multiple Domains, which is a bit tricky.


Thank you. I have this now:

I’ve never heard of Let’s Encrypt. I’ve done this four (?) times I think now. I’ll check out that article. Will I need a separate domain for that, or can I configure it with my first? I could create a subdomain, set the forum to that, then change it later, correct?

I’m trying to demo this for my company but I’m a noob, obviously, lol.

Thank you!

Let’s Encrypt provides you with a free certificate, which is how your site would be accessible via HTTPS after installation.

It’s possible that your re-installations have used up your 7 day issuance quota for If that’s the case your only options would be:

  • Run without HTTPS (bad, don’t do this)
  • Wait a week
  • Use a different domain for setup (this will create headaches down the line)
  • Purchase a certificate (don’t do this)

Alrighty, thank you. Does it apply one automatically? I skipped the Let’s Encrypt prompt when installing.

Yes, you don’t need to provide an email for Let’s Encrypt to be set up, you just won’t receive notifications of expirations. Discourse installs HTTPS as standard.

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Sweet, thank you. Looks like I’ll wait a week, then, and check back if it’s still dead. Appreciate you both!

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Still having issues. Any ideas?

Tempted to reinstall it yet again.

Thank you!

You did a

./launcher rebuild app

And saw no errors and your site still isn’t up?

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Ha. No, I didn’t do that. It’s working now. Thank you! People like you make this possible for noobs a like me!

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