Like Count in Posts


I was wondering what it would take to get a like count displayed next to usernames in posts. It would serve as a sort of karma indicator / contribution counter for our members.

A lot of our forum members miss it from our previous forum software.

Is it something that can be accomplished using a plugin or does discourse itself have to be edited?


ps Love what you guys have done with discourse so far. @codinghorror @sam and team!


This would be nice. I like it when in a conversation it shows that a user is that great person who’s helped society.


Older and/or more active users (including mods) will have more likes than newer/lurkier users. But that doesn’t mean that the former are necessarily more helpful than the latter. Would it be too dorky to have a “like index”? (Karma = Likes / Posts?)

My hunch is that displaying it with every post would be too noisy, but it could be a nice addition to a user’s profile.

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I don’t think it would be too noisy. It could be placed right under the user avatar and the like/post counts over 1,000 would switch to 1k.

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You can achieve something similar today, grant the users you wish to highlight a badge, and allow that badge to show up as a title.

This is far more powerful as it reduces the amount of thinking people need to do.

Are 113 likes so much better than 98 likes? Is there a difference between 3132 and 4134?