Frequent Posters - click to highest liked post in topic

I detected a fair lot of topics on the subject of voting/QandA/rank per like… but I could not find this proposed implementation. (I might have missed it…)

Would this proposed “dual glyph, jump to max liked post in thread” stand make any chance?
How complex would such an overlay glyph be? And could it be done as a plugin?

(I’m not after a sort-per-like thing, the order of the posts can stay as is, I just want to be able to jump to the most liked post from the Frequent Posters bar)

Already possible, click the avatar then click the filter button to filter the topic to just that person’s posts.

If you want “just the greatest hits album” then press the summarize button.

I was not aware that clicking an avatar pops-up a info dialog which contains the filter view.

Nice, but after second thought the thing that would really add some value to me is the overlay of the ‘like counter glyph’ on the avatar.

Benefit here is that I do not need to click each avatar to get this ‘like count’ or amount of posts info. (Only the number of posts is defined as filter, no feedback on the ‘like’ grades)

If I would see, like in the example, your collegue with 33 likes, then I would use the filter as currently implemented to find out where the 33 like message is - but now I need to open each avatar to find out the likes on the avatar … or scroll and try to find the message with the highest like count.

I guess likes give some feedback about the ‘importance’ of a post, more than the ‘number of relies’ (which is visible by default).

Upper right corner shows replies, lower left shows likes?

Other thoughts on my mind:

  • Only show the highest like count, or sum of all likes of user?
  • There could be additional options under ‘user preferences’ that tweak the look-and-feel of the ‘summary box’ ? Or just click on the ^ to rotate through several ‘sumary box’ implementations - ranging from ‘starter’ to ‘pro’?

We want to encourage good reading patterns, and bypassing other posts in favour of the single most liked one is rarely a good reading pattern.

Likes are not a 1:1 metric for post quality, they’re merely an indication.

If you really need this feature you’d need to commission a developer to make it as a plugin.


‘Really need’ would not be the case, by now I understand that Discourse is more about discussions, and not really a ‘find best answer to question’ platform.

My basic use-case would be to quickly find the posts with high likelyhood of juicy contribution. Reduce the number of clicks while doing so. In case of questions this is most likely likes.

Given I want to ‘pimp my summary box’:

  • multi-summary-glyph-on-avatar: likes + messages + jump to most liked
  • persistance (session based) of the default state open/close, multi-glyph/single, starter-pro view of the ‘summary box’.

Being a coder myself I might consider doing the effort… any suggestions for good pointers to code I will need to change? Or to existing extensions which are close?

(Please do understand I am currently still very naive as I did not see any Discourse code and have limited experience in the Discourse eco-system at all.)

Looks like it might take some work, but IMHO it looks doable this way.

Work off post custom fields

Have script that uses the name - value pairs (eg. admin_weight: 5)

Modify the display on pages you want it to run at

I have limited experience writing DOM scripts for Discourse, so I can’t think of how the Ruby side might fit in, but JavaScript can work many wonders.

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