Liked and like_count attribute on Topic is misleading

Currently when fetching a list of topics, the liked and like_count attributes returned reflect the state of a likes that occurred in any or in all of the posts in that topic, not just the original post.

Someone liking the original post is endorsing/co-signing and agreeing to that topic’s message. In my opinion, liking the topic’s post (original post) is liking the topic. Liking any other post doesn’t mean the topic is liked, nor does the aggregate like count across all posts indicate the endorsement level of that topic.

Thus, per current behavior, liked attribute doesn’t indicate anything other than “I participated in this topic via a like”. Likewise, like_count on a topic doesn’t tell you anything other than the level of response to that topic just like reply count, it does not convey the endorsement level.

What I want to achieve is to fetch the top list of topics, and indicate to the user which topics they may have endorsed. I tried to do this via a second query but couldn’t without individually querying for each topic I get back, which is not efficient.

Is there a way to achieve what I want? If not, is there an appetite to add these additional fields via a PR?