Limit access to /tags page by trust level - or for everyone

I am adding this as a feature topic because I don’t see it in hte admin settings anywhere. Until all the wonderful work being done to PM tagging has settled down, I think it would be very helpful to many communities to be able to limit access to the /tags page which displays all the tags currently. This includes staff tags and internal tags for private categories, which just adds clutter and confusion for members.

Is hiding or limiting access to /tags something that can be done already, or an admin setting you’d be willing to add?

Update: to give you a sense of the issue I’m talking about, take a look at Global Legal Empowerment Network Community Discussions which currently shows anonymous users a bunch of tags that appear to be used for many topics but then when you click through you see nothing. Like birthday, techupdate, procedure, teamwide-call in screenshot below. I’d like these to only be visible to staff or to the topics in categories they have been used in. (we’ve talked about this here before but I have not yet been able to find the topic…)


I am interested in that, too. That page is really confusing for people.

This is no longer such an issue on our community. I created “tag groups” which organize them neatly and hide staff tags from public view. It does take a bit of gardening from time to time, especially since my moderators are notoriously undisciplined about adding new tags. :slight_smile: Luckily there are handy features for deleting and merging tags, so this is also not such an issue.

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What is confusing to people is that they do not know what to do on that page. There are hundreds of tags on my site classified as “Public View”. If they click on the “Tags” page via the dropdown menu, they will see the hundreds of tags. The same number of tags available to them when they create a topic are not overwhelming since they are never visible in such numbers when accessed via the topic creation window/process.

I would just love to control who sees the Tags page. I do not understand why normal users should be able to access it, and it was a user testing the forum (we are still in the test phase) who complained about the confusing page.

If it just came up in testing, I wouldn’t worry about it too much until you get more complaints from your users. My suspicion is you won’t get many if at all. Nobody complains about the page on my site… the page itself is a power feature if you ask me and I assume nobody finds their way there unless they know what they are looking for.

I also think that organizing the tags into groups and hiding admin tags really helps - take a look at my site which also has a large number of tags but it’s fairly tidy. (keep in mind that guests and regular members don’t see all the staff tags you might be using. my tags page has dozens more that are hidden from non-staff)


Thank you, I will have a look.