Tags page only shows 1 tag for some moderators

Hey Team,

I came across an issue while working with my team to prepare our forum for a re-launch.

When I navigate to the /tags page, I am able to see all the existing tags as a moderator.

When my level 4 Leader staff (who are also moderators for the categories in question per the setting that allows members of a certain group to be moderators) navigate to the tags page, they only see the “welcome” tag:

I know they have access to all tags, because they are adding them on a regular basis as we are cleaning up our forum. And they even show other tags in the sidebar under the “tags” menu item.

For reference, I’m using the “Air Theme” with only discourse supported plugins and no CSS customizations intentionally so nothing breaks :slight_smile: .

Any ideas? What have I done to cause this?


Following the info on this topic:

I was able to make a quick fix by enabling “include secure categories in tag count” in settings.

But that same topic noted that this shouldn’t need to be enabled with this fix: All tags page is empty for non-staff users - #3 by JammyDodger

Maybe there’s a new bug?

For more reference, all of our categories are private so we can control access throughout. So all tags would end up being used in a “secure”/private category.

The commit in that topic is from July of this year, not 2017. Just to confirm, what version of Discourse are you on?


I should be on the most recent version. We’re using discourse hosting so I believe we’re updated automatically?

Edited my previous post to remove the 2017 reference

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Just to add the info here publicly as well, looking into this it is currently the expected behaviour for the tags page to only show limited tags to non-staff users by default based on whether they’re used in non-public categories or not. The commit referenced above was specifically for tag management in the sidebar, and the list on the /tags page is still influenced by the include secure categories in tag counts admin setting: :+1:

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