Limit/max number of Canned Replies?

Is there a ceiling in terms of how many replies you can load? If you create more than 20 or more than 50 canned replies for your community moderators, will you get an error message?


In my opinion, the ready message does not accept the text message that should be written should be about the subject itself

I don’t think there is any limit to the number of canned replies you can have. I am curious, what is your use case? Why do you need 50 or more canned replies? That seems like quite alot to manage.


I was just exploring the possibilities of using that feature to house other quick-access information, not necessarily canned replies.

Wouldn’t want to go in that direction only to find a brick wall halfway down the road. Thanks.


@megothss in the process of refactoring the plugin with to support a far larger number of canned replies in a much better structure.

Each topic in a category becomes a canned reply and you get so many fantastic features for free such as search, edit history, a full composer and so on.

If you are going for a large canned reply structure I recommend waiting a bit for the plugin refactor. Ping us on the team inbox and we can set you up as an early tester if you are interested!


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