X Number of replies to a topic

Can you implement a way that only ‘x’ number of replies to a topic in a specific category?

Example: In Cars category, when someone creates a topic, an admin can set the maximum amount of replies to that topic.

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We have no plans for this and it is the first time I have heard the request. Can you elaborate on why this would be necessary or useful? Provide a specific example?

I’m coming from vBulletin and they have this feature. My reason is to have a “Service Request” category where a user can request for jobs (post as topic for that matter). I want to control how many replies go to that topic.

Eg: You want to to have your lawn cut so you post a request (a topic). People who wants to do the job would reply with a brief description about their business. I want to limit the amount of response to that topic. If not possible then I would have to manually close that topic when it reaches x amount of replies but would love an automatic feature.

A workaround you could use right now would be the “auto close after X days/hours” feature, which would probably get you similar results.


Yes, that’s what we do for our forum’s Job category and it seems to be working fine so far.


We are looking for the same in the sales category. People use a reply to bump up their item for sale. We would like to limit the number of bumps (e.g. replies).