Limit number of replies unless part of a specific group?

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to restrict the number of posts a user can make in a category unless they are part of a designated group?

For example, we have a “For Sale” category. If we wanted people to only be able to make a maximum of five posts/replies in that category, unless they were part of a group called “Traders”, would this be possible?

I think what I’m looking for is a category setting which can be overridden by a group membership? :thinking:

Could you just give traders permission to create topics but not everyone else?

You’d need a plugin to limit the number of posts and it’s not clear just what it would do. Once a user makes five posts they can never hit another car?

Hmmm, I might not be coming about this the right way, or I’ve not given it enough thought :blush:

My thoughts were along the lines of users who hit the 5-post limit either having the New Topic (and/or Reply) button disabled and being told they can no longer post in this category unless they join the Traders group.

A plugin could put all new users in a can-post group that they would be removed from when they created 5 topics in the category (which would allow new topics to be created by members of dealers and can-post). The plugin would have an add_model_callback(Topic, :create) (or something like that) and remove the from the group after the 5th topic is created.

Also, I’m not sure if by “post” you mean “create a topic” or “reply to a topic”. This assumes the former.

An easy, if painful, solution, would be to approve manually all posts in the category.

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