Link between posts in WP and Discourse and shortcodes

(Ben James) #1

Is there any way to link two separate posts, one in WP and one in Discourse, so that the comments from the Discourse post are shown on the WP post?
Also, I use shortcodes for images and stuff on WP, which are transferred as text to Discourse. Any solution for that?
Last question, If I have a WP account, but I have not created a Discourse account for it, and am publishing a WP post with “Post to Discourse”, who is the author on Discourse? What is the best way for my WP authors to publish on Discourse through WP?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Yep, that’s what the wp-discourse plugin does :slight_smile: See posts on for an example.

Best workaround would be to use only summaries in the Discourse topics instead of mirroring the entire post.

I think it’ll then default to @system. Let me know if you put it to the test :wink: