LinkedIn OIDC client secret not correctly validating new format


I have successfully created an application on linkedin, but when I try to copy client_secret, I receive the following message. At the same time, the Callback url displays this message

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Hello, @hoangphuctran93!

Without sharing your client secret, please check if it contains any symbols that are not a-z, A-Z, 0-9. If it does, let me know here what character it is. :pray: As far as I understand, the secret should only
ever contain alphanumerics. One possibility is that a space or line-break was included when you copied the code.

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I think LinkedIn has made some updates regarding security code allocation. and as you said they contain .


Thanks! I regenerated a secret on my own app, and they have indeed changed. Fix is here:


Thank you and your members for your timely updates to the community.

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