Linkify words in post

on linkify or abbr plugin ?

Linkify should be better as a starting point.

You’d need to modify this function:


I just did a google sheets api integration for @jrgong so that the linkify data can be fetched from a google sheet. It needs some more work before I launch it on meta though.

I did fork the TC in the process. I was wondering whether any data hook can be provided in the TC to switch/add data sources from another plugin or TC? I can make a PR but haven’t seen such a pattern earlier. Maybe something on the lines of replaceDataSource or addDataSource methods in the plugin api.


Isn’t it easier to just add an extra theme setting?

new setting for what?

For the integration with GSheets? I’m not sure I got what you’re asking but it seems to me it would be easier if you could submit a PR merge your changes upstream.

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The integration is in form of a plugin as we need to authenticate for bringing data from the sheet. Also the data needs to be cached to the db in order to avoid API calls for every post.

if I write safe-mode here in meta, it gets linked automatically to the related topic (note that I haven’t hyperlinked any words as can be seen in the image, I’ve only written safe-mode).

is it a result of this theme (adding some topics and the related word) or is it some kind of new magic which hasn’t been announced yet :smiley:?


Yeah this is the component and a very handy usage of it

@codinghorror this is a pretty legitimate reason for wanting this in core, if we had this in core we could implement back links for cases like this, the component can not do this, only plugins


That’s fine as long as it is in the Watched Words area, where it should be…

I use linkify to transform url to affiliate link, and I just found that it transform user email too.

Ex : If someone has an email like and I have a linkify affiliate link with amazon (ex :

It transform the email like that : and people don’t receive emails.

If someone have an idea to exclude user email with the “excluded tags” & “excluded classes” options.

Thank you

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