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The plugin allows fetching the linkify Theme Component’s data from a google sheet. For now, you’ll have to install this fork of the theme component but there might be a solution in the future so you’ll be able to use the actual theme component with this plugin.



  1. Create a service account on google cloud Creating and managing service accounts  |  Cloud IAM Documentation
    Google will trigger a download of a JSON file. Store its contents safely.

  2. Create a google sheet and share it with the service account email address.

  3. Paste these lines at the bottom of env section in your app.yml

     GOOGLE_ACCOUNT_TYPE: 'service_account'
     GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID: 'client-id-from-json-file'
     GOOGLE_CLIENT_EMAIL: "service-account-email-address"
     GOOGLE_PRIVATE_KEY:  instructions below
  • How to setup GOOGLE_PRIVATE_KEY parameter?

    • Paste the key in the json file to code editor.
    • Use find and replace and replace \n with \\n
    • Copy the result and paste it in app.yml in front of GOOGLE_PRIVATE_KEY
      wrapping it in single quotes ' ' .
  1. Now follow the regular steps of installing the plugin.

  2. Install this fork of the Linkify Theme component.

Plugin Settings

linkify_google_sheet_id: When you open the google sheet in your browser, the long string after https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ is the spreadsheet id.

linkify_google_sheet_name: You can have multiple sheets in an excel file i.e. Sheet1, Sheet2 etc. That sheet name goes in here.

linkify_google_sheet_cell_range: The columns from where to pick up the linkify data. Its set to first two columns by default. You can change this value. Here’s a guide on the cell ranges work. Introduction to the Google Sheets API  |  Google Developers

:page_facing_up: Get the code

:raising_hand_woman: Request a feature

:bug: Report a bug


Thanks for sponsoring the plugin @jrgong


With this, I’m also proposing a plugin-api method which allows hooking into and replacing the data source of such theme components cleanly.


// while using
let data = useDataSource('linkify-data');
// plugins, theme components can do something like this

setDataSource('linkify-data', customDataObject);

The idea here is, some other theme component can setDataSource to another object.
This would allow replacing the data source of such components without changing anything in the code.


Love it! Thx again for the great work and implementation @fzngagan