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Likely because folks don’t know, I got referred to this post looking for solution to link search words to topics and my default reaction was to install this component. I didn’t even realize that watched words existed. It’s so cool how much I learn about discourse every time I try to optimize it.

If you’re okay I’m going to edit the first post to let folks know that watched words exist and may be an out of box fit. Also this theme is marked as official so if it’s a duplicate of watched words maybe consider depreciating it or indicating it on the first post.

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I have a feature request. It would be wonderful if we could have this only apply to body text and not headings, it looks silly when one word in a heading is linked:

Sometimes, there are too many same linkify words in long content.
I think it be better to display in only first one in content. The others could be bold, instead of links.


Seems like you should be able to do that by adding h1 h2 and others to the " excluded tags" setting in the extension, no?

Thanks Matt, I think you mean excluded classes, which I somehow didn’t notice before, but unfortunately these are not working so I guess this is a bug report rather than a feature request.

The screenshot I posted earlier is an h2 with class of anchor.

No, I meant tags. Those are HTML tags, not discourse topic tags, as I understand it.

Indeed, you are correct! Thank you Matt. I was too fixated on tags being discourse tags. I appreciate your help.

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