Linked/forcing search keywords to specific topics/posts

I can’t seem to find the answer to this question on this forum.

When a user searches for specific keywords I want to show specific topics/posts in the search results. Is there a way to configure this?

For example, when a user searches for “clean install”, I need a particular FAQ topic to show up at the top of the results. Currently that topic never even shows up in first page of the search results (unless the user specifically types in the entire sentence to match the content in the topic).

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Not a solution to your exact query, but a related helpful add-on:

A good example on meta is standard install.


I’m moving this to a feature request since it doesn’t really exist, the goal here is to control the “search results” and not individual posts/content to steer users to specific topics/posts when keywords are used in a query. This will help make searching more contextual and relevant and reduce duplication of questions while improving the user experience. @JammyDodger

@sam your comment and my response to your comment below is the very reason I created this question/feature request. I started by searching for something but couldn’t find it and ended up where I shouldn’t have

Is this for Search? I’m not sure Linkifying is going to be much help for that.

Have you tried pumping up your Search Priority in your docs category settings?

category search priority

Title matches are weighted higher as well, I think. As well as repetition of the keywords in the OP.

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Thanks, yes I have but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The issue here is FAQ’s titles wont’ capture keywords. They’re in the content of the topics/posts. Some of the keywords as I mentioned don’t even show the relevant FAQ topics at all in the search results. So it would be helpful to have a feature where the admin’s can configure discourse to monitor for specific search keywords/phrases (like watched words) and then force specific topics/results to be shown first in the search results.