Linking a discussion/s to a page / product

(Matthew Boogaard) #1

Hi there,

I have an ecommerce site. I love the look and feel of Discourse. I am wondering if there is a way (native or plugin), or if anyone has any ideas on how to relate one or more topics to a particular product (page) eg. by tagging?


This discussion relates to this product (url).

This (product) page is associated with these topics (by tagging) and display on a product page.

The use case would be product reviews, Q&A, support etc relating to that specific product, but in a 2-way community fashion rather than a one-way type of review page.

Ideally the topic creator would link the topic, but then a moderator could change or manually link a topic.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Tell us more about the products, like how many you have? Are they completely different?