Linking conversations to each other

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I was just thinking if it’s possible to link different conversations to each other. Not just Select and move/merge, but let them exist separately and link/connect them in a way so a moderator knows that some other conversations are related to specific one.

The reason behind is that sometimes customers are having different conversations that we don’t want to merge, but to know that, for example 3 out of 5 conversations are related to 1 case, and other 2 to a different case.

Besides, sometimes we have to review conversations that happened 6, 12 months ago and to have a clear understanding of the situation we need to go through a lot of PMs. If they were linked to each other it would’ve save time and struggle.

If this is already implemented can you please advise how we can do it?

Thank you in advance!


You can just add a link to the other topic. If a topic of linked to from other topics it will have links back to them under the original post.


Thank you Jay!

Can you please tell me more how I can do it? I wanted to link two conversations from Moderator’s inbox and couldn’t really wrap my head around it.

Just add a link in a reply in either topic to the other topic. It may be that both topics need to be public, but I may be wrong.

But if you’re talking about pms and not topics then it likely doesn’t work the same way. You’ll just need to add the links in a reply and hope that people see them


Yeah, I was hoping to link PMs to each other.

Thanks Jay!

good idea, maybe i should consider implementing it too

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Since PMs are mostly private, I don’t think that many people are likely to find it useful to link them. If you’ve got group PMs that you want to link, then maybe move them to a private category.