Linking to historic Google Group

What would you like done?
We are migrating from Google Groups.
We will stop people posting to the new Google Groups but keep it open as an archive
When someone searches our Discourse category, we’d like to include a link to the old forum.
For example, if someone searches for Water and Bird, we’d want a link on the page somewhere like this:
See results in the SMART Community Archive
We assume this can be done with some simple javascript

When do you need it done?

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And this isn’t what you’re asking for help with?

Searches where and how? On what page? On the Google Groups pages? I can’t imagine how that could be done.

Do you have a budget?

We don’t need a search to be complete, we just want something very simple - a link to the historic forum with the same search term. If the user enters, for example [My Search Term] in the discourse search on our site, somewhere on the page results in our discourse instance to:[My Search Term]

We hope this is doable and assume it’s not a major lift, so can cover any reasonable budget

Oh. You are switching to Discourse, not importing the data to DIscourse, so the historical stuff doesn’t exist in Discourse. You want searches done at Discourse to include a link to the same search at the Google Group search URL.

Now I understand. I think that it’s not a big lift. I’ll take a look, but I think that if I don’t someone else should pick this up.

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Great and thanks – your work will help a number of the world’s leading conservation organizations.



Hi Jonathan,
I am interested to take this up, sending you a PM

OK. I’ll send a direct message with my email address.

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