LIST of plugins

Hello , I tired of looking for the plugins that exist , I want to know existing ones so I can make a list for the ones that should be developed , please can someone list all the old/new & free/paid plugins that exist .

Have you tried the #plugins category?


Yes, but this is a bit confusing, not all of them are there , it will be a good idea if the team developed a marketplace like this one just to make it easy for new comers like me .

It sounds like a topic for a wiki :smiley:


I’m not sure how a Marketplace would be any different to the #plugin category though. We still rely on people to add their own plugins… we’re only responsible for the official ones.

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When a plugin is considered official ?
and how can I find a list of non-official plugins ?

Official plugins have an #official tag. Anything in the #plugin category without that tag is non-official.

We make plugins official at our discretion – either because we’ve written them or because there is a strong demand and we’re confident of the quality (and we fork them so that we can update them so they don’t break with future upgrades).


There’s also this:

I don’t know what the plans are for keeping it updated, though. I was quickly able to identify a few that are missing, but it’s the closest thing to a list that I’m aware of.


Oh you can make a PR to update, there is a script there that walks the meta #plugin category.


Can anyone educate me on the name of plugin used for discourse used by this page for matematical formulas. Mathematical formulas look great,


This is what you’re looking for:


Thank you so much mate.

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Does anyone know if the “Cmmunity Partners” part of this Discourse installation is supported by some plugin, and if so - what that plugin is?

Is there a directory of plugins that is organized in a way that could be helpful to navigate them?

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That’s a straightforward HTML header using the <details> element. You can add one using a Theme.