List of project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2016

AMP is not ready for prime time. The most productive thing to do would probably be to take my branch and take out the AMP stuff, leaving just lean plain HTML.

Also, probably rename the trigger from ?amp to ?nojs.


Not a fan of chat bot unless we have a real chat function.

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It’s just hellishly complex to do natural language processing. That alone is a giant red flag for me.

And let’s compare:

(typical discourse reply to a topic)

Hi this is DiscourseBot! Please upload an image and make it your logo!


(full screen)

Welcome to Discourse! Please click the button (the only button that’s on the screen right now), to upload a logo for your forum.

I think the former is completely awful compared to a simple full screen setup wizard, to the point that I oppose it violently.

Anyway this gets into first run setup which is massively strategic for us this year, and there’s no way in hell I would outsource that. It’s deserving of a much deeper conversation far outside the scope of Google SoC.


Yes, I completely agree with you here, let’s not add this to GSOC this is onboarding stuff that we want to build.

As suggested by @erlend_sh, I’m adding in the two plugins I published recently here:

I’ve added a list of To dos to both (here and here) that I will flesh out a bit in the coming week.


I’m a Googler who’s worked with AMP last week and I believe it is quite ready for prime time. More and more publishers have been providing article versions abiding by the spec, and it’s supported by Google, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. If there are specific issues I could help with, I’d be happy to do so or refer to my colleagues.


It had a significant bug where going to a page differing only in the query string resulted in a no-op. I haven’t investigated it again recently.

Did the application get submitted? :slightly_smiling:


Yup! Still refining the cleaned-up Ideas List. Will post link here when it’s done.


What about some kind of Social Media functionalities like Diaspora* integrated as Discourse Plugin? :wink:

What does, “social media functionalities” mean ?

I thought on something like this:

  • Quick message dialog extension
  • Timeline feature / blog like experience
  • allowing others to see the online status
  • Google+ cycles / Twitters follower feature (not “friends”!)
  • capabilities to connect between multiple Discourse communities and having some overview of recent post, the posts of the persons I follow, something like a RSS reader just for Discourse :wink:
    (of course with opt-out/opt-in function for users and admins)
  • An even more elegant way how group members could work together:
  • Doodle scheduling like feature
  • sharing content / files like ownCloud via webdav

That’s it :wink:

Cleaned up Ideas List is available here:

Still adding more ideas if anything good (and specced out) shows up.


Congratulations on being accepted!


All congrats should go to @erlend_sh as he did all the hard work!


Weee! :content:

Official announcement here:

Still waiting to find out how many slots we got though.


In past years, there was a set date by which you needed to inform Google of how many slots you wanted, based upon how many “good” applications/proposals each org got. Sounds like they will be sending out an email later this week about how the process will work this time around.


And here it is:


Hey , first of all congrats for being accepted.
I’m a GSOC aspirant and interested to contribute for discourse with you guys.
Can I have a talk with any one of the mentor.
my email -