Three applicants have been selected for Discourse GSoC 2016

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Continuing the discussion from List of project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2016:

We were granted 3 project slots by Google for this year’s GSoC. Here are the students and their projects.

Erick Guan @fantasticfears – Webhooks

I will build webhooks for Discourse. The webhook is a HTTP callback. It posts the payload to an external URL when an event happens.

Konrad Borowski @GlitchMr – Babble improvements

A chat plugin for Discourse called Babble is going to be improved to the point where it will be a really usable chat system, while keeping it simple. Editing, deleting, flagging will be supported, as well as working mentions, permalinks, and attachments.

André Pereira @adrapereira – Topic Summaries, Canned Replies and Presence Features

  1. Some topics, like a call-for-bug-reports or a new Howto, will receive a lot of replies that go stale shortly thereafter because the appropriate fixes/edits were applied as a response. When closing or marking as solved doesn’t make sense, the best solution to date is to delete these replies. Topic summaries offer a less destructive solution.
  1. A simple way for moderators to insert pre-written responses to common inquiries. Reduces repetitive actions, especially in support-centric communities.
  1. See who - apart from yourself - is using the “Reply” dialog box to write a reply to a particular topic. Targeted primarily at private group messages.

The particulars of these proposals are still subject to some changes as we talk things over in the weeks to come.

To those who were not accepted this year: Rejection is disappointing, but I hope this won’t bother you for long. If you’re genuinely interested in Discourse, I hope you’ll stick around in our community, as I think it’s a great place to grow as a developer.

(Stefano Costa) #2

Congratulations to @fantasticfears @GlitchMr and @adrapereira! Looking forward to an amazing summer of code :beach_umbrella: