List of topic reminders

Hi, how can I find a list of my active reminders and reminders of other users (when I am admin)? For example, I set some reminders for topics and want to review them.

By reminders do you mean bookmarks? Or topic timers?

I mean topic timers, sorry for unclear.

List of topic reminders needs in case if I want to cancel some reminders. Users could watch or cancel their reminders. Staff could manage all reminders.

To be clear, there is NOT a way to get a list of all your topics that currently have topic timers, correct?

Not currently through the main user interface, but you can through the Data Explorer:

-- [params]
-- user_id :username

SELECT topic_id
FROM topic_timers
WHERE status_type = 5
  AND user_id = :username
  AND deleted_at IS NULL

Edit: @wesochuck I updated the query to make sure it ignores both expired and manually deleted timers. While execute_at does make sure to catch reminders that were set at a future date, it will also include any that were manually deleted before they expired. I imagine that’s not ideal.


Thanks, that works. I also added and execute_at > CURRENT_DATE so I only get ones that are set in the future.