'Remind me' function on topic timer option is missing

I wanted to add a remind me topic timer for a specific topic. However, when I wanted to add it the option was not there:

How it looks like now

How it should look like

Steps to repro:

1 press admin wrench
2 Press set topic timer…

Our site was literally upgraded just now

Doesn’t it come up when you click the bookmark button?

Not a bug, user topic timers have been removed, replaced with bookmark reminders. User Topic Timers were only accessible to staff, bookmarks are accessible to everyone.

If you had any existing topic timers, they were automatically migrated to bookmark reminders.


Thanks for the explanation @jomaxro! I was clearly misinformed.

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No worries. I don’t believe there’s been a formal #feature:announcements topic, so how would you know?.

It’ll certainly be in the next #release-notes when we push a new beta.


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