Listen to revoked User API Key via MessageBus?

I am creating a mobile application using React Native powered by Discourse (Communicating via REST Api).

I use the User API Keys flow to make authenticated requests and the MessageBus to listen to different events (Implemented successfully fortunately)

At the moment I am implementing the case where the API Key is revoked, and thus tell the user something similar to “Your session has expired”.

For that I tried to subscribe to /logout/${} (It seems to be what Discourse uses in the frontend), without any success

Is it possible that I should subscribe to another channel or is that kind of information not currently transmitted via MessageBus?

Relevant code:

const messageBus = MessageBus.getInstance();
/* Add the User-Api-Key header to message bus */

messageBus.subscribe(`/logout/${}`, () => {
  console.log(`Logging out account ${currentAccount.username}`);
  alert("Your session has expired. Please log in again.");
  signOut({ reason: REASON_SESSION_EXPIRED });
  /* When Revoken, only delete the account data from the storage */

Thanks! :slight_smile:

revoking a key is not going to log out all sessions. I think you are going to need to explicitly log people out for them to get that message.