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I think for those who utilise the email features heavily, it would be really advantageous to have a light, perhaps text only or minimal html theme option rather than it looking like you were emailed a forum page. Thoughts?

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A plain-text version is also delivered. Just pick that version in your email client.

assuming you have one that can do that

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Oh good point. I'll try to add it there too.

Posted by neil on 04/02/2014

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[quote="neil, post:26, topic:11075"]
Inside the .badge-category-parent is a span with the name of the parent category. It isn't shown by default, but it's there in case you want to show it in your custom style somehow. Here's an example of how to show it:

Thanks for this, I'm using this change in my forum (v0.9.9)
By the way, I remarked that this modification isn't applied to the Edit Category dialog preview.

Posted by mjklaim on 04/01/2014

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