Loading Slider to Spinner

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Hello :wave:

A few member mentioned they would want keep the spinner loader. This theme component convert the loading slider to spinner. As this is mostly a visual thing, I restyled the slider to be a spinner with CSS I hid the slider and add the spinner to #main-outlet-wrapper before pseudo and this way it won’t conflict with plugin outlets. So it keeps the slider functionality and hopefully it stop bugs which appears on spinner loader usage.

I hid the #main-outlet, user menu and modal while loading the page as it was on spinner loader.

I use modifyClass to change the loading states. Because while the page loading, the loading slider sometimes get back the ready status which makes the loading stops and starts again. The state change caused flickering while loading the page.


Nice work @Don - cool SCSS code. Also hilarious :laughing: maybe Discourse will make this part of core? :thinking: