Local image ad banners?

Hi there, I’m evaluating migration options for a very large Drupal 7 forum. It currently runs one horizontal (728x90) and 2 vertical (160x600) ad spaces, which randomly display a simple image banner from a bank of images that are defined for that given space. For this type of ad I don’t use any kind of third party ad network, nor do I want to. Is there any way to do this with Discourse, and if so, how would that work on a mobile responsive layout? Thanks a lot.

You can place two horizontal images directly in the After header and Footer sections
however, You’d have to write some script of your own to randomize the image. I don’t know of a plugin that displays random image.

In the worst case, I supposed I could install a third party ad manager like Revive. But that would require adding another webserver/PHP/SQL stack, which feels like major overkill.

You could use Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) or theme components to serve your own content instead of using an ad network.



@neil Thanks for replying, I was reading over your post about DFP. But isn’t that for Double Click? And do they take a commission or in any way interfere with my own local advertising policy that I have in place?

Double Click was acquired by Google and recently renamed to Ad Manager. I have no idea about commissions or local advertising policies. You should try making theme components first since that might give you what you want.

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They don’t take a commission for ads you sell directly and serve through Google Ad Manager. Start with the Google Platform Policies to determine if there would be a conflict between your policy and Google’s.


Hmm interesting. Thanks for mentioning Google Ad Manager, I wasn’t aware of its existence. These pages are fairly helpful: