Localised inline date/time

Chronos was the Greek personification of time.
Cronos was a Greek titan, whose symbol was a scythe.

If it was a typo is was a pretty fitting one. Not sure what scythe-wielding Greek Titans have do to with user-friendly times though.


Well … actually…

Cronus was the titan who did some pretty unsavory things to his daddy.

Is an uncommon spelling for cronus… but it can also refer to this horror film

I am kind of with you here, not sure why we renamed it ;p

My understanding is that it is called cronos as a wordplay on cron … the scheduler …


I’ve always thought chronus was appropriate. But I can understand the confusion

cron - Wikipedia

The origin of the name cron is from the Greek word for time, χρόνος (chronos)

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Yeah… Considering the rename impacts installations too maybe we could, y’know, have @joffreyjaffeux revert the name change?

Names are @codinghorror’s department

If he wants this named chronos like it was or leave it cronos like it is now or call it something else like discourse shared dates is up to him.

I do think readability wise we should call the element [date] just like we call poll [poll] and not [discourse-poll] less words makes us all more happy


For sure, and if not I’d just prefer to reference something related to time, rather than a deity who castrated his father and ate his own kids. Right now though there are instances which have [discourse-chronos] referred to which will need to update to something because of this change, it would be great if they didn’t have to update twice.

I had like 10 entries so no big deal but will definitely be interested to know if a rake task exists…

This is what I was thinking of


@sam can you please elaborate on this?
My forum is still in an invitation-only stage, so before going public, it would be useful to know if major changes are incoming, which could break themes, plugins etc.

Just checked the Insert Date for the first time and the user interface feels very technical.

I suggest revising the user side:

  • drop the [Advanced Mode] button, it will just scare people off, while hiding useful information
  • replace the input box and time format symbols with a simple menu (or a selection list) displaying available time formats, as fully formatted text, not symbols.
  • replace “Use “\T\Z” to display the user timezone in words (Europe/Paris)” with a selection box [display timezone in words]

The idea is to hide the formatting codes from the UI. They would still be seen in the composer as source code and in the admin plugin config.

IMO, the following:

  • 8:30 PM
  • 8:30:25 PM
  • September 4, 1986
  • September 4, 1986 8:30 PM

is much more user-friendly than:

  • LT
  • LTS
  • LL
  • LLL


The element formerly known as [discourse-cronos] is now known as [date]


[discourse-cronos recurring=1.months;time=05:19;date=2018-05-04;format=LTS;timezones=Europe/Paris|America/Los_Angeles;]


[date=2018-05-04 recurring=1.months time=05:19 format=LTS timezones="Europe/Paris|America/Los_Angeles"]

I find this a lot more readable.

So this … is both good news and bad news.

Wired: :syringe:

  • Syntax is far easier to read in posts
  • Syntax is more compact
  • Cronus the imprisoned Titan is further imprisoned and not visible in Markdown

Tired :sleeping:

  • If you were using Chronos in the past… all dates are broke. And a simple regex is not going to save you.

Still waiting on @codinghorror to decide if we want to rename the actual plugin to discourse-shared-dates which is a boring name that properly conveys what this thing tries to do.


We might as well do the renaming now and get all the breaking out at once…


Should I go with discourse-shared-dates, discourse-local-dates? something else?

maybe local-dates since it is about your local timezone?


Sounds good to me! making it happen.

@sam is this the final format or more changes are expected?

final is a very loaded word… I hope not to need any changes … but who knows.


I feel more comfortable with date as the bbcode. Hoping this doesn’t goes drastically to a different route. Small edits are okay.

The big rename is now done.


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