Date should show the time instead of Today for time formats

When entering a date with a time-specific format, e.g. “LT” or “LTS”, Discourse should show the local time, not the string “Today”; alternatively, “Today” plus the local time.

E.g. 7:31 AM currently renders as

Interesting that this instance doesn’t seem to preserve the time portion, but it does on my install…

image. I added the UTC time in brackets, because it was non-obvious UX.

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Ah, I see the difference between my install and this appears to be a regression in the datetime plugin. Previously the string date=2020-05-14T19:31 would interpret the time portion, now it needs to be separate using a separate time field.

On the bright side, the latest version shows the time now, so that part appears to be fixed.

It has never supported time as part of the date, it might have been working, but never was the expected way to use it. Also you can force timezone displayed.

[date=2020-05-17 time=12:51:00 displayedTimezone="UTC" timezone="Europe/Paris"]



Ah, well it was definitely working that way, as I suddenly have the odd post that aren’t showing the time correctly anymore after the upgrade. I’ll remember to specify the time in future :slight_smile: Also, thanks for your updates! It’s a great UX improvement :smiley:

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