Location and Web Site Cut Off

Reproduction Steps

  1. Navigate to Preferences
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Type a long Location and/or Web Site and save changes
  4. When viewing your profile, the Location and Web Site section is cut off

Although this is not a big deal when using a PC since you can inspect element and find them, it is difficult for a mobile user to click on one’s website when a lot of words cut off the link to the website.

Expected Behavior:
I expect to see the location as well as the website of someone when checking their profile.

Actual Behavior:
I can only see the location but not the website section.

PC: Use inspect element to find the person’s website

Mobile: N/A


Welcome, @7Zeals, and thanks for the detailed repro steps :slight_smile:

User cards are currently being reworked, so this issue will be gone. You can click on your own profile on meta to see it:


See more info here:

This is on purpose. We are allowing the text to be shown, but if it is long enough, it will be cut off & overflowed by ellipses. The location should for the most part not be long enough to be cut-off, but will of course happen for longer location names.

Putting multiple sentences into the location input would be expected to cut off.

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I think @7Zeals was referring to the summary page itself - https://meta.discourse.org/u/7Zeals

However, you would need a significantly lengthy location for it to overspill :slight_smile: We could maybe add a sensible character limit for that field, but I’m not sure this issue has cropped up enough for it to be a high priority.


Oops, my bad, thanks for pointing this out!