Location field in profile truncated

I have

`pwsh-preview -c "Invoke-WebRequest 'https://gitlab.com/api/v4/users/7984176?access_token=glpat-KMNv5hmu7xuMbNUWpfqd' | ConvertFrom-Json | Select-Object -ExpandProperty location"`

set as my location (edit-location) in my profile (Profile - rokejulianlockhart - Discourse Meta). Unlike the pronoun (user-ember117) field, however, this field’s data in truncated (in my case) to

`pwsh-preview -c "Invoke-WebRequest 'https://gitlab.com/api/v4/users/7984176?access_token=glpat-KMNv5hmu7xu

the u is partially cut, so it is rather obvious.

I believe that the location field should instead be wrapped, like the pronoun field.

You seem to be located in a very very very strange place third=“Beedell”, first=“Roke”, second=“Julian Lockhart”


Indeed, although because I’ve 2500+ online accounts, at least 30 or so of which are Discourse, most of this stuff is automated, so at times it’s vaguely unusually formatted.

At least I get to test the limits frequently.