Locations plugin modifications


This plugin is awesome and we would like to adapt it to use it for wildfire mapping. We are looking for a developer to customize the plugin to meet our specific needs.

  1. Add more flexibility in placing/moving the marker when creating the topic
  2. Add capability to move the marker once it has been placed
  3. Stylize the markers using the topic tags.
  4. Add map to home page displaying

We are looking to connect with a developer who can update the plugin as a paid contract. We are willing to make the modified plugin available to the Discourse community. If you are interested, please contact me.

Locations Plugin

Hey there,
When you get a sec it would be helpful if you could give an idea of your budget. :slight_smile:


Our initial budget for the basic modifications is $500 with an expected second round of changes.
The forum is located at https://forums.wildfireintel.org and was just launched about a month ago.

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