Locations Plugin

I have a confusing support request :slight_smile:

I’ve got two “Members Map” options in my burger menu today, and I’m not sure how the second one is getting in there.

I renamed them all this morning to help me track down where it might be coming from, hence 1 and 2 that you’ll see in this screen shot.

Here’s how it looks:

Members Map1 is the one I want to keep, and it got there because I put it there by clicking on Customise:

The settings for the Locations plugin are set to not add it to the menu. If I toggle this, it appears as the word Map, so it’s definitely not this one:

If I customise the Text for my Discourse, and search for Members Map then I get two results. I renamed these to both 2 and 3 to aid with the trace.

You’ll see here, it’s the 2 one that’s also appearing in my menu.

Does anyone know what js.directory.map.title is and how it might be getting in my menu?

The only thought I had was that last year we used to run the Custom Hamburger Menu Links theme but I removed it when we switched to the new Discourse menu layout. Could something have been left over from that perhaps? :thinking: If so I’ll move this post elsewhere :blush: