Locations Plugin

Can I drop a feature request in @angus @merefield ?

It’d be really useful if we could limit the search of a members location to just the UK.



None of those results are in the UK.

Being able to force GBR only results (or whatever country code(s) via an admin setting) would be great and would instantly suggest what people are actually looking for:

We use ESRI geosearch on another site we have, here’s what we do to limit the above to GBR and also to a predetermined UK bounding box:

    // Search button
    var searchControl = L.esri.Geocoding.geosearch({
	useMapBounds: false,
	searchBounds: L.latLngBounds(SW, NE),
	providers: [L.esri.Geocoding.arcgisOnlineProvider({
	    countries: ['GBR'],
	    // https://developers.arcgis.com/rest/geocode/api-reference/geocoding-category-filtering.htm#ESRI_SECTION1_502B3FE2028145D7B189C25B1A00E17B
	    //categories: ['Address', 'Postal', 'Coordinate System'],
	    categories: ['District', 'City', 'Postal', 'Coordinate System'],
	    maxResults: 10
	placeholder: 'Town, Postcode, Co-ordinates...',
	position: 'topright'

Would something like this be possible?


@angus it would be great if we could have the option to show the location in the topic lists. I haven’t seen an option for that but please let me know if I’ve missed it! Thanks

I was also wondering what the Enable location topic status icons for topic lists in this category setting does. I couldn’t quite make sense of it and couldn’t see any changes when applying it.