Locked out of admin account after disabling SSO Memberful

How can I generate an API key via console?

I recently tried to test out Memberful in my Discourse, I did tons of mistakes and simply now I can’t access my website even as an administrator.

Memberful is redirecting my login and I deactivated the API key when I was logged on my website.

My idea was to generate again a new API key from the console, integrate again with Memberful and then deactivate correctly everything.

Generating an API key would be something along the lines of:

    user = ...
    api_key = ApiKey.new
    api_key.created_by = user
    api_key.user = user

And then you can get the key with api_key.key

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Hi @osioke, thanks for your reply.

Can you help me with that steps?? I don’t know where I enter them and neither how. Do I need to enter app ./launcher enter app and then??

You said … via console, so you’d enter it in the console?

Yes, the console I have access on Digital Ocean.

I saw this topic here Setting the api key via console but I don’t know how to write that commands in the console.

It sounds as though you have enabled SSO via Memberful and are now locked out of your account. If this is the case, as an admin you can bypass SSO login. To do that, go to https://forum.example.com/u/admin-login. Enter your email address into the form that appears. A one time login link will be emailed to you.

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